Eastern training conditions

It’s funny how western guys take things for granted. In all domains. But since we’re talking athletic things in here, let’s keep it at that.

Whenever I look over youtube, say, searching for squats, plyos, or whatever training “events”, I see all kinds of fancy gyms, apparatus, machines, bossu-balls, tens of squat racks, power racks, Gatorades, stability balls, med balls, kettlebells, GHR machines, plyo boxes, aerobic boxes, pink dumbbells and stupid instructors. This – in the USA.

Whenever I look around me here in Romania, when I go to train either in gyms or on the track, I see trellises, old tracks, mud, dirt, spounges, broken bars, rusty plates, rusty bars, wooden boxes with spikes in them if you’re “lucky” to have some in the first place, rusty pink dumbbells and stupid instructors.

The point is – if the western guy would change place with an eastern guy for one week… oh man!

It’s harder when the stupid coach gets crazy ideas though.

A friend of mine that I was training with got into high jump and bobsled training. One day when he was training for the high jump he was doing jumps in the sandpit over a metallic, NON-COLLAPSABLE hurdle. Sure, a small 40 cm or 16 inch hurdle. But he was doing technique jumping where he was told “how to jump”. Needless to say – his jumping was different than what the coach was trying to make him do. So he blowed up the jump and blown his leg up in the hurdle.

Truth is, stupidity + lack of conditions are the mother and father of the injury. What can be said about the water “dive-bomb” Olympic team? They don’t have a dive-pool to train in the WHOLE COUNTRY and, to still train, they dive into spounges. Can you imagine that? They don’t jump into water until they’re in the competition itself! One guy still got 10th place in the World Championship. Can you compare that with the US conditions?

Really, even doing depth jumps is a real problem here because you don’t have any boxes (yes, those square wooden things) to do depth jumps off! But when I look over youtube in the USA everybody has nice all sizes boxes to do them from. Oh, and GHR machine? I never ever seen one here. Never. I don’t think anybody knows what a GHR machine is to be frank.

Never seen a power rack where you take the pins and put them to suit your height/squat depth. Never. I know only one gym that has kettlebells, and they have only 2. As for plyo boxes that I was talking about? They have only like 2 in the Olympic athletic training facility in which I trained for a short period. That’s the only place I’ve seen them.

Oh, not to mention that the only Olympic high jumper (2.30 m personal best / 7’7) has a salary of about 175 euros or 200 $ per month. Yup, you heard right. A good way to be performant, I guess. He borrowed 15 euros about 4 months ago from me and hasn’t given them back yet. No money to do it.

Check out how I do my depth jumps (what I use to do them (this was back in 2009)):

Think about that when you’re about to complain about the training conditions!

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