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In this introductory page I want to talk about a few important things about our website. It will be a lengthy post but it will provide you with all the information you need to understand what this is all about and what you can expect getting from insane-athletics.com

  1. Why Insane-Athletics.com? A little history behind it

  2. Purpose and topics covered

  3. A little about marketing

  4. Media library

  5. Articles

  6. Support

  7. Availability

  8. We want smart people to join!

  9. Addressing the “coach” title on the forum

  10. Thanks!

1. OK so… what IS Insane-Atheltics.com? Well, it is a website that I launched on February 26th, 2014 in the hope that I will able to help the “fitness” community, if you will, to get better.

My name is Robert Ruxandrescu and I live in Romania. In the last 13 years I have trained pretty much non-stop with the goal of dunking a basketball, and once that goal is attained – with the goal of getting better and better at it.

So how it has all started? I will try to make this short so it won’t bore you to death – when I was little, up until 7 years old or so – I was a very healthy guy. I barely got any kind of illness. But from 7 to about 15 or so I started to get a lot of cases of bronchitis, tonsillitis and even pneumonia. A high percentage of all these would occur after I was doing any kind of sporting activity and I was sweating, for whatever reason. I would then get sick and do a ton of penicillin injections (did about 200 of them) and fever and all bad things would unfold.

And for that reason – I never did sports up until I was 15 years old. At 15 I started “playing” basketball like once a week and I vividly remember trying to touch the net and thinking “boy that’s soooo high up there”. I wasn’t particularly interested in the vertical jump or anything, just as a random challenge. I would ALWAYS jump off one leg and just scrape the net… my vertical jump off one leg at that time was about 12 inches and off two feet I never jumped so I have no idea what it was, but it was around 12 or lower.

Then at 16 years old I found a thing called “Air Alert” and also started to be interested in the NBA, NBA Players, became a Vince Carter fan, watched him (with a dial-up connection, by the way) dunk… and I started to really really like it. But I wasn’t obsessed with it or anything.

So I had a friend in my classroom and he was jumping so much higher than me. He had some huge quads and he was a two leg jumper. Meanwhile, jumping to the rim all day long – I managed to up my vertical to 24 inches in 1 year (from 15 to 16 years old) but the problem was I never gained any height ever since I was 15. Never grown an inch ever since. And looking back – I think me staying up late on the internet is one of the most obvious causes, as silly as that sounds.

Anyway, my friend’s name is Bogdan, and he was a good guy but was very competitive. And any time I was better than him at something he would take offense. So I started to grab the rim at that time and he was pretty much at the same level, but off two feet in his case. And I showed him a video of Vince Carter throwing down a dunk against the Lakers, I even remember exactly what video it was:

Check out 3:56 in the above video.

So after I showed him a clip with that he was like “noooooo way you’ll ever be able to dunk, so calm down”. And THESE words stayed with me for the rest of my life.

Because of that single event, as crazy as it is, I started to focus almost entirely on training to be able to dunk. So I made it a personal mission to do it and started to learn and learn and learn, EVERY day, about how to increase my athleticism. I got into shady sites that promised inches gained on your vertical jump overnight, “FREE” stuff, scammers, useless stuff, “training programs” based on faulty training principles etc etc etc – but also some pretty good information.

Obviously, at that time I didn’t know what was good and what was bad. At 16 years old I could just “filter” through a 16 year old logic what made or didn’t made sense. But I started training nevertheless. At first I did a few “jumping” programs and then I did some bodyweight training.

I used to do 50 bodyweight squats everyday and calf raises. And I was also jumping to the rim pretty much daily. And I made a promise to myself that I was going to dunk by the time I finish high school, which felt like impossible at that time.

After that, reading and reading and training and trying to dunk – my vert got up to about 75 cm or 30 inches. I was close to dunking but still couldn’t.

Then I remember when I first dunked with a volleyball at the smallest rim in my highschool gym, somewhere on the side… and I was ecstatic! It felt amazing. Then I dunked with a volleyball at 10 feet, at the main basket, and it felt amazing as well. THEN FINALLY, 2 months before finishing high school, I managed to dunk a basketball at 10 feet. I was weighing 67 kg back then and would come almost in a full speed sprint in my jumps (from the right side of the rim, jumping off the left leg).

So I said to Bogdan “what now, man?” and he was like, shaking his head “you did it… what can I say…”

To be honest… I think he’s, even to this day, kind of upset about that haha… he genuinely didn’t gave me a chance. Who would gave a chance to a guy that starts out with a 12 inch vert?

But ever since – my mentality hasn’t changed. I was hooked with this and continued to read and train every day. I went through a lot in my life that made my progress halt or even go back. Years of work have been lost or resulted in a terribly slow progress for various reasons – from immense stress to lack of money to eat (I lived, me and my mom, with 5$ per day for half a year or so!) at which point I got to a bodyweight of 64 kg (140 lbs) at 1.83m (6’0) height.

Then my mom and dad got divorced and all hell broke loose, so ever since then (at 21) I started taking depression medication, I can’t travel, I can barely sleep, I can’t eat well and had and have ALL KINDS of problems. A ton of them.

But even with all these issues – I still trained. I still did what I had to do. And my passion to learn, by some miracle, didn’t go away. So I kept doing what I was doing before all these things happened.

Finally, these are my numbers now:

  • Peak vertical jump off one leg: >~36 inches
  • Standing vertical jump: 30 inches
  • Peak vertical off two legs: 34 inches
  • Below parallel squat (low bar): 160 kg (352 lbs)
  • Deadlift: 184 kg (probably 200 if all-out) or 405-440 lbs

All these at a bodyweight of ~87 kg at 1.83m (190-200 lbs at 6’0)

So where am I going with this and why should you care about my story? Well, if I, a non-athletic nerd going through all the problems in the world could get these numbers – then you sure can do it too!

That’s what you need to keep in mind. No matter what your athletic background is, or is not, YOU CAN DO IT! And because I went through all this stuff I KNOW what it feels like and I know how to help you. At least that’s what I genuinely believe.

And it would be my pleasure to get to know people with similar mindsets, that are truly passionate and truly want to get RESULTS and ENJOY these results. That’s what I care about.

Ever since I was 20 or so (I’m 29 now) I have trained my friends in person at both the gym and the track, and people from all around Romania through messages and discussions. I also wrote for a few athletic-oriented blogs, had a proposal to write for bodybuilding.com that didn’t happen because I was more interested in performance training more than bodybuilding, and also wrote a VJ program for free in Romanian for all our Romanian guys in here.

So the whole idea behind this website is to get to help you in a genuine, HONEST manner. No crappy lying, deceit, marketing tricks and all that crap that you get all over the internet, trying to fool you to buy stuff.

That brings us to number 2:

2. The purpose of that is to help you reach your goals. The topics covered are:

  1. Insane Vert
  2. Insane Strength
  3. Insane Speed

These are the topics I want to cover on this website and although my experience is mainly with vertical jump training and strength training, I know people that have extensive experience in speed training as well (and I can extrapolate a few things here and there about the topic).

3. How about marketing?

Well, from my perspective, good marketing is a good thing. What I mean by good marketing is getting to share the information with the audience in a “good” way. That means well-written articles, well promoted information in a way that is EASY for the audience to understand and put into practice. That’s what good marketing is for me. Bad marketing is when you’re spamming, when you’re being dishonest, when you’re trying to trick people with shady tactics, and when you’re just not genuine. When you’re FAKE.

And I HATE that. I’m tired of all these websites that want to get a quick buck off you and try to sell you “the lastest trick” or whatever else they market it as.

But with all that said – I have to get some money off this website too because I have to live. I have bills to pay, I have food to eat, I support my mom and my sister with my money… it’s a really tough situation, personally, for me. That’s why I will need to put on advertisements on this website, and I hope that won’t bother you or think I’m trying to fool you or anything like that. It’s just a way to keep the information free.

I will also promote HIGH QUALITY websites from people that I have myself learned from. There are only a few people that really deserve that confidence and I will list them periodically around here.

4. In the media library, that will be available over the youtube channel associated with the site – I will display videos of me training and how to perform certain exercises. You can find the channel here:


Make sure you subscribe to it as I’ll be adding more and more videos in the near future.

5. The article section will be the most important part of the website.

This is where I will post our content: ARTICLES , regardless if it’s a Insane Vert, Insane Strength or Insane Speed article

6. In terms of support, you can reach us through our FORUM:


I urge you to create an account on our forum, introduce yourself and keep a training log on the forum. Then once that happens you can start asking questions or engage in off-topic discussions. I will also, along with the other coaches that will represent the site, be available at designated e-mail addresses. For example, my email address here is coachrobert@insane-athletics.com , and you can reach out to me for further questions using this email address, although I recommend using the private message function on the forum to do this.

7. Availability

In terms of availability – I happen to have a life outside of this website. A limited one at that, but still. So I apologize in advance if you try to reach me at some point and you can’t. But my hunch is that I will respond pretty quickly at any issue you might have. For that, again, I recommend using the forum.

8. Want to be a contributer?

You think you have extensive training experience and knowledge to contribute by writing articles and being a coach on our website? Can you help in the forum answering questions and helping people? We’d love to have you with us. For this purpose, email me at coachrobert@insane-athletics.com !

9. OK, so what’s up with the “coach” title on the forum and on the blog? Are you a certified trainer or coach?

The “coach” title that I’m using is a term that I have chosen because it makes easier for people to know who they should ask questions to. I am not a certified trainer or coach (although I could obtain that easily) simply because I was never interested in getting certified by some random authority. I feel like they talk a lot of crap at these certifications and that, in order to obtain that title, I have to repeat that untrue crap, which is not something I am interested in doing. If you have a problem with the fact that I am not certified, then… that is your business. And I respect your opinion. Also, any other contributor than me on insane-athletics.com will have the same “coach” title here – as in someone who you can ask questions and expect answers from.

10. Thanks!

Finally, after such a long post, if you reached all the way out to the end, I want to thank you for giving insane-athletics.com a chance. My belief is that if anything, the least you can get is being a better version from yourself and learning through all the mistakes I made so that you won’t make them! I hope I will be a part of you reaching your goals and I honestly believe that together we can make it happen, no matter what those goals are!

Thank you!

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