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First Gym Workout
« on: August 23, 2014, 09:35:51 PM »
Hi again. I took some time to think, and eventually I decided to buy a monthly subscription to my local gym, in order to help me with my two and one leg jump. And because i'm a rookie at these type of thing, I wanted to ask for some help , to know where to start, what weights should I use on my first workout, things like that. My first gym workout is planned on Monday, and afterwards I plan on playing some basketball (if I'm capable after). So any help will be appreciated.

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Re: First Gym Workout
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 02:06:27 AM »
Well, a good idea is to start with a basic 3x5 and some assistance work.

So here is your program (done 3 days per week, say Monday - Wednesday - Friday):

Plyo: Ankle jumps: 2x10
Power: Empty bar jump squats: 2x5, Dumbbell or kettlebell swings: 2x10
Below parallel squat: 3x5
Romanian deadlift: 2x8
Barbell calf raise, or leg press calf raise, or single leg calf raise: 3x20
Bulgarian split-squat isometric hold: 1x60s (emphasis on feeling the glutes being recruited)
Hip flexors, rectus femoris, calves, tibialis anterior

So how and why should you do this?

For the plyo and power sections, these are easy exercises. Search for what these exercises mean on youtube for examples, you should find plenty of them. These also warm you up a bit. You can also skip both the plyo and power work if you're weak since you won't really benefit from them, and also if you already play in games or do a ton of basketball work, since it becomes redundant. For the jump squats, go to a half squat depth and jump with the barbell very well held against your back (don't let it fly around) and reset (jump only once, land safely, reset, repeat).

If you feel you're not safe doing the jump squats, then don't do them, wait until you become more experienced in the squatting movement from doing actual squats, so you can be safer when you decide to do them.

For the swings, if you have kettlebells in the gym, use them. I personally use a 24 kg kettlebell. If not, use a dumbbell. Use something like a ~15 kg dumbbell and do hip dominant swings with it. You don't want your swings to resemble squats, so don't bend at the knees too much.

For the strength, how do you find the right weight to use in the squat?

Well, start with an empty bar. You must use perfect form. Since I'm not there with you in the gym... that I can't help you with. Try to be tight and don't allow the back to bend etc.

So start with an empty bar, do a set of 5, rack it back. Shake it off, take 1 minute or so, do another set of 5 with the empty bar.

After this, put 10 kg to the left of the bar and 10 to the right (so you'll have a total of 40 kg, since the Olympic barbell has 20 kg). Do another set of 5. If that set is shaky, the form is not that good, the speed starts to drop etc, then that is the weight you will use for this first day. If the form is good, and you can do all the 5 reps well, then add another 5 and 5 so you have a 50 kg barbell and do another set of 5 after resting enough to be ready for another set (usually around 2-3 minutes).

So, whenever a set gets shaky, that's the weight for your first day. From that point on, it's just a matter of improving that weight.

In practice:

20x5, rest 1 minute
20x5, 1
40x5, all the reps were good, good speed, 3
50x5, the last rep was kind of shaky and became slow, this is the weight, 3
50x5, 3
50x5, 3

The plan is that the next time you go to the gym you will squat 52.5 kg or, if you don't have 1.25 kg plates, 55 kg.

So the next time you will aim for 55x5x3 (55 kg for 5 reps for 3 sets).

Same idea with the RDL (Romanian deadlift) and calf raises. Once you establish the right weight for the planned rep range, you use that for the planned set number.

For the RDL you can try this:

20x5, 1
20x5, 1
40x8, 3
60x8, last 2 reps were shaky, this is the weight for today, 3

Same with the calves.

You end by holding a bulgarian split squat for 60 seconds on each leg (start with the weak leg first) for only 1 set. Emphasis is on feeling the glute of that leg work.

This is similar to what I'm doing here, except it's going to be with your own bodyweight:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Then you stretch the muscles I listed and go home.
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Re: First Gym Workout
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